Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cream Cheese Banana French Toast

Beth 2005

(Unfortunately we ate these up too quickly to get a photo! So here is a photo from 2005 of Beth eating French Toast- I love it!) 

This is such a nicely well-balanced breakfast (or we like to have French Toast for dinner!) a good mix of protein, fruit and bread.

I'm not a huge fan of French Toast, so I'm constantly experimenting with a small batch of French Toast - I think I found something I really like! I stumbled across the idea of stuffed French Toast looking through a food magazine about five years ago and heard about Banana French Toast on one of those restaurant shows on TV. This is the best of both worlds!

In a food processor, blender or Magic Bullet place a banana broken into 1/8ths + 2 eggs + 1/2 cup milk + a sprinkle of salt, cinnamon and a couple drops of vanilla extract. Gently pulse it a few times to break up the banana and blend the ingredients. Pour into a 9x9 square pan or pie plate.

Spread a slice of bread with a thin layer of cream cheese. Sprinkle with Cinnamon. Spread a little more cream cheese on top of the cinnamon to get a nice medium-thick filling, top with another slice of bread.

Place the bread in the pan of eggs and turn to coat (if you like more custardy french toast let the bread sit in the egg for a minute) then toast it on a warm, lightly buttered, griddle over medium heat. Turn to cook on the other side. Serve with warm maple syrup or honey, top with slices of banana.


  1. This was so yummy! Thanks for sharing! I loved it soo much I blogged about it too! Check it out