Friday, January 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: my baby girl

Summer 2003
This is Emma when she was a baby - such a sweet baby!

When I found out I was pregnant with her I cried - not with joy, but with utter terror. I'd wanted to have a sibling for Beth, but the week Emma was conceived we were moving from Georgia to Montana for a ministry opportunity. We had no money and the ministry was very unstable and stressful. We were living an hour away from just about all civilization and I wondered how in the world we would survive the birth of another baby, we were just barely making it with the three of us.

But everything worked out. By the time Emma was born we were back in Georgia, living with family and she was just the sweetest, cuddliest baby ever and is now an amazing little girl!

Sometimes I feel a bit freaked out about this new baby. Five kids just sounds like a lot of kids to me. We were walking through a parking lot the other day and the hubs and I both were holding hands with two kids each and I though about how when this new baby was born we could be totally out-numbered and we wouldn't just have our hands full we would have more than that. But I know that this is all going to work out and am looking forward to meeting the new baby.

As crazy as it sounds I sometimes think I can feel this new little one moving around inside. It is insanely early to be able to feel anything. I am just in awe all over again that there is a new little person growing inside of me - a little one who is going to grow into his or her own little self. It blows my mind every time that I can grow a little person inside of me.

I have also dreamed about this new baby for the last three nights - in ever dream the baby has been a girl. Hmmm. I'm not going to go out and buy pink onesies but I think it's really odd that in all of my dreams this baby is a girl. Really makes me look forward to having an ultrasound.
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  1. Awww...sweet little Emma :D Boy or girl, you new little one is bound to be just as adorable <3

  2. So exciting for you! I am sure that this new baby will fall right into place with your family... AND I am sure that you ARE feeling him or her moving inside you!

  3. It's SO not early to be feeling movement!
    You're nearly 16 weeks right? I have felt movement as early as 12 weeks. Once you've already had one, you recognize those first little flutters much easier. Once I learned how to feel for the baby, I could gently feel around and find the head and rump around 14-15 weeks, and I've also felt movement that way.

    By continuing to practice feeling the baby's position every day, by the time I got to 35-36 weeks, I could tell my midwife exactly where the baby's head was at every appointment, and where to find the heartbeat. It was pretty amazing to realize I could do that.