Friday, January 7, 2011

Flashback Friday

Okay, so it's really Saturday... but yesterday my little man had a cough and wanted me to hold him all day long - so I was pretty scatter-brained and didn't get any of the posts up for Friday that I wanted to on this blog or on my photography blog. I'm so thankful that blogger lets you manipulate the dates for posts! ;)

I knew when I started this blog that I wanted to participate in these awesome "Flashback Friday" link-ups... picking just one thing to link up has been harder than I thought it would be!

I've been reading IROCKSOWHAT more regularly lately - and reading about her struggles with her son reminds me of when my oldest was that age - it was such a crazy stage of life! She was (and still is) very strong-willed and independent. From the time she weaned herself at about nine months she behaved like I was an unnecessary inconvenience in her life. Sometimes she still does. How about this - my new year's resolution for after she turned two was to work on my relationship with her and try to nurture more intimacy. I've never had to do that with any of my other kids. It was that hard.

So here is a little flashback to when Beth was about 18 months.

Spring 2003
Here is Beth when she was about 14 months. That is me in the green dress - pregnant with baby #2!

Spring 2003
Here is Beth again - I have a bunch of photos of her knocking on the door or trying to get out of the apartment. She also loved to put her coat on!

Summer 2003
Once she transitioned out of eating babyfood she became a super-picky/messy eater. She insisted on feeding herself everything. She'd get grits in her hair and applesauce all over her face. She ate mostly bananas and cereal bars and yogurt. One day I'd open her banana and peel it for her, the next day I'd do the same and she'd throw a temper-tantrum because she wanted to open it herself.

Summer 2003
She loved to be read to and to pretend that she was reading herself. We read Dr. Seuss "Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?" several times every day. The Hubs and I could practically read it in our sleep. (It was such a big surprise to me when baby #2 hated being read to. She would always wiggle to get down. She's a great reader now, though!)

Summer 2003
And then baby sister came along.

The best piece of advice that I got during that season of transition was to not keep them apart. I learned how resilient babies are and Beth learned to be more gentle. It worked pretty well. Nap times were the hardest. Two babies crying at the same time and I'm alone in a little apartment, dealing with my first bout of serious depression. It was hard.

Blue eyes
Eventually it got a easier. We developed a workable schedule for the two of them so I still had some quite time during the morning during their first round of naps.

Beth & Mommy Summer 2003
The kids got older.

Beth turned three and the whole world got a whole lot brighter and easier and the hardest season of life I'd ever been through turned into one of my all-time favorite seasons.

I really miss this. Life was really simple, at times incredibly boring. But good. There was no school. No pressure to get stuff done at a certain time. Discipline was a bit simpler - though more constant. We had this horrible disgusting looking couch that was fabulous for jumping on and we lived in a tiny little duplex but we were happy there. We read books and played outside and went to the Library to MOPS and sang and danced along with the Wiggles and snuggled up with Kipper. Life is good now too - but I loved the simplicity of that season of life.


  1. I sort of miss the days of a simple life, with so much boredome we felt we were drowning in it. That last picture, and your words brought me back to that.

    My daughter is VERY strong willed. Now that shes 4, we feel like we're dealing with a 15 year old. Its exhausting. But the tougher we are on her, the more she seems to understand that shes not in charge, we are. I hate to always be bad cop, but I know that in the end it will have been worth it.

  2. I really enjoyed reading this blog (and am thrilled I was able to catch up with all the posts). . .filing away the best piece of advice to use this summer 'not keep them apart'. Looking forward to reading more of your journey!