Monday, January 3, 2011

It's back to school!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

Thanks for stopping by my new blog! If this is your first time here you might like to know that this blog is mostly a pregnancy journal. I am pregnant with my fifth baby (surprise! an unplanned but very welcome addition to our family) and am about eleven weeks along. I have three girls and a boy ages nine to three.

Pregnancy, so far - has been brutal. I know that there are lots of moms who have it way worse than I do and I am so glad that I have not had to take up permanent residence in the bathroom, but I've never had a pregnancy that is this uncomfortable, nauseating and exhausting. I am hoping that in a week or two my hormones will level out a bit and the sickness will wear out. The best thing about pregnancy so far is that my boobs are looking less floppy and pathetic that usual - I forgot how much I missed them. My husband says we should make a vitamin with pregnancy hormones so that they can be like this all of the time - he'd become a multi-millionaire if he did, I'm sure.

Today my oldest three kiddos went back to school and I'm not completely sure how I feel about it. I'm happy to be back in my routine and this morning went really well but I'll miss them... and I'll miss those lazy winter mornings we have been enjoying for the last two weeks.

During the last two weeks we have had weather ranging from in the twenties and snow (on Christmas day!) to in the sixties over the weekend. We spent the warm days at the park while the kids rode their scooters - so much easier to transport than bikes! I've been loving those park days - it feels so good to get out in the sunshine and move around a bit.

I've also been reading cookbooks. I've love to sit down with my kids while they are watching TV in the evening and read a cookbook, it is so relaxing and inspiring! I blogged about my cookbook reading on my other blog. I've been cooking all kinds of stuff other than the usual spaghetti and mac and cheese. I roasted a chicken with potatoes - which was wonderful, and made a couple different soups from scratch. Not cheaper or quicker but oh so much more satisfying.

I hate cheap diapers. I don't like paying ten bucks for a pack of diapers for my three year old (who is not cooperating with the potty-training process) either but I really don't like getting up at one in the morning to change a soaking diaper. Needless to say I think it's time to kick potty training into high gear and get it done this month. He can totally do it, he just doesn't want to.

And just because it's Monday - and it's a random kind of day, here is a random photo that I took of myself one day a few weeks ago in carpool with my camera phone. I love the light in this.

2010-11-18 15.01.05


  1. You shot that with your camera phone? My camera phone SUX.

    Boys can be tricky to potty train. Until they want to there is no training them. For my boys we just had to put them into underwear and forget about diapers. period. there was a messy few days but after that they got it.

  2. Congrats! Our no 5 wasn't planned either but she is so so cute and funny and oh just love!! I hope it all goes well look forward to your journey xx