Monday, January 17, 2011

Misc Monday: Regression

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{one: diapers again} Last week I bought what I hoped to be my last pack of diapers for a little while. After my last rant about diapers the hubs started encouraging the little man to use the potty more. That made all the difference in the world!! Suddenly we were having accident-free days and he was even taking himself to the potty! I thought we were to the point of no return. Key words here being "I thought". The hubs went out of town for a couple days and the little man made a full-on 180 regression. After five accidents in one hour I'd had it and put him in a diaper. He spent the next day in a diaper too. Mention the words "potty" or "underwear" and he throws himself on the floor and cries like going potty is the worst form of torture a three year old can be asked to endure. I remind myself that the last child I potty trained was pooping in her underwear until she was four but has not had even one single accident at school and eventually this little guy will be potty trained too. Tomorrow it's back to the grindstone.

{two: more regression} While we are on the topic of regression my three year old is also asking to be carried around every waking moment. Of course I say no a lot of the time but I also try to give him some of the extra attention and cuddles that he's asking for. But I tell you what, as I'm carrying him around on top of my tiny baby bump I pray that he gets over this phase before the new baby comes.

{three: small miracles} One a more positive note I had a small miracle occur tonight. After dinner the kids wanted to watch Toy Story 3 so I had my oldest do her homework in the kitchen with me, I washed dishes and supervised homework and the kids watched their movie without fighting or interrupting my dish washing every five minutes per usual. I got all of my dishes washed and big sister got all her homework done by the time the movie was over with minimal interruption. That is a small miracle and I am celebrating it!

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{four: snow days} Like every other state in the USA (except Florida) we had a snow storm last week. (See photos here) It made for one very fun and relaxing snow day and one bored (kids) and exhausting (me) day. I think it was hardest on the dog though, who refused to go outside to pee. The first day of snow she would go into the kitchen, I would open the door for her to go out and then she would pee right near the door so after that I would have to pick her up (while she was in another room so she wouldn't pee on me) and take her outside. She was too afraid of  the cold to walk out the door herself! Poor baby.

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