Saturday, February 26, 2011


We had SO much fun with Aunt Abi!!!
On Tuesday we visited my sister and her family. It was so worth the three hour one-way drive! We all had such a great time.

My sister's little guy - isn't he so cute?!



Beth - gathering balls for IsaacDSC_7774
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Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites - crafty edition

I think Little Birdie Secrets might be my newest favorite non-photography blog. There are so many crafty ideas, recipes and DIY projects and tutorials. 

This is from a craft show - there's no tutorial on the blog.
Isn't it the cutest?

These are SO pretty! I need to make a spring wreath with these!

If we are having a girl I am SO going to learn how to do these!

And there are a bunch more that I could post but you'll just have to see them for yourself!

If I don't make a wreath - I'll buy one from handmade collectables

Monday, February 21, 2011

Misc Monday: home with sick kiddos again

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

POTD: Tuesday

We were supposed to be in Atlanta today - visiting my sister and her kids, but yesterday Emma got a fever. We have been battling this virus for going on three weeks now. Thankfully she is feeling better today. I'm hoping that this is the last of our sickness for the season.

Saturday POTD

I've finally jumped on the Twitter band-wagon. I've connected with several other bloggers who also tweet and it's been so much fun. I usually just check Twitter in the afternoon while I'm waiting in car pool - but during the weekends I'm checking Twitter pretty often. So much fun. Of course it's all about having friends who tweet.

Pregnancy Update: 19 weeks. This was my first weekend in maternity jeans!! I bought some online from Old Navy and am really really happy with them. They are so much more comfortable than my regular jeans held together with a rubber band. The last two weeks this baby has grown a lot. I've gone from just barely showing at all to having a nice little bump. I've also started having braxton hicks pretty regularly, usually just at night and usually not too painful.

DSC_7222POTD - Friday
Favorite food this week: stuffed French toast with cream cheese, strawberries, bananas and a little sprinkle of pecans and drizzle of maple syrup. SO yummy!!

Favorite song this week: "This is the Stuff" Francesca Battistelli The first few times I heard this song I thought it was so shallow and annoying - I mean, come on - she's talking about loosing her keys and and running late - in the grand scheme of things those are so unimportant! But as I've gone through this week with the chorus stuck in my brain and the words "In the middle of my little mess, I forget how big I'm blessed" I find it rings true. It is little frustrations and irritations that cause me to loose sight of how blessed I am!

I was inspired by My Reflection of Something to post my menu for the week and link-up with Menu Plan Monday so here goes:

Monday: Sub Sandwiches I buy a double loaf of French or Italian bread from the bakery at my grocery store (for $1.99) and they are just as good as eating out except that I can feed my entire family for the price of two!

Tuesday: Burritos with chicken, lots of veggies and some mexican flavored rice-a-roni. I was inspired by Moes to start adding rice to our burritos. SO yummy!

Wednesday: Chef Salads the kids get all of their individual ingredients cut into bigger slices to dip into salad dressing if they want. It works really well for our family and I get a yummy salad!

Thursday: Pasta with Sausage I was seriously craving pasta when I made my menu. I'll toss together penne pasta, some Butterball brand Turkey Sausage, some sliced bell peppers and sliced zucchini with some Kraft roasted red bell pepper salad dressing. It's SO quick and tasty!

Friday: Spaghetti

Saturday: Manwiches I use jumbo hamburger buns and slices of american cheese - awesome, quick comfort food.

Sunday: Egg Salad Sandwiches

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby names

The more I can feel the New Baby moving around inside of me the more I've been thinking about names for this baby. The hubs is pretty much waiting until after the ultrasound to have a major baby-name discussion but I've been thinking about it - a lot.

Favorite name for a boy:

Eli - it is still my favorite name, even though I started liking it because of a TV show.  I've looked around on some of the baby naming sites and every time I see the name Eli it makes me happy. I have NO solid ideas for a middle name for Eli - I think Eli David is beautiful (though maybe too Jewish) and I also like Eli Hosea but I'd really like to have a non-biblical name option just in case. I like the idea of naming him Elliot (like after the poet T.S. Elliot) but calling him Eli for short - we'll see - I got raised eyebrows when I mentioned it to Daniel.

Favorite name for a girl:

Jane - I just can't get it out of my head. I had picked that name for Josiah if he'd been a girl. I had actually wanted to name him Jane Adelaide if he had been a girl - no one that I've mentioned it to has liked that name so I'm not bringing it out again this time around (Adelaide is my grandmother's middle name). So now I have no idea what middle name goes with Jane (or Jayne) so this may end up being a middle name. For example - Layla Jayne sounds wonderful to me. Still thinking...

What do you think? What would a good middle name be for either of these names?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Camera Phone Pics

These are from last weekend and our trip to the Savannah Rapids:

the hubs taking a photo of little man on his camera phone

she is so freaking photogenic

I like this one. I just do

Here are some photos from yesterday:

Chalk Drawing with Jojo. We traced his body - he thought it was awesome.

So we drew lots of Josiahs and our house and some baloons.

I enjoyed drawing this one. It's very unoriginal -  I got the idea from another blogger. She did it way better than I did - but I had fun :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Misc Monday: Happy {Heart} Day

DSC_6841 copy
(craft made by Emma)

{one}: Happy Valentines Day! This morning as I headed out to take my girls to school I found a little bag of sweetheart candies on our door step with a note that said "To My Valentine, From Guess Who" and there was one little bag for each of the kids. Do I have the greatest neighbor or what?!

{two} This past week all four of my kiddos were sick with what I'm assuming is some sort of nasty virus. They had temperatures ranging from 103.7 - 104.4, needless to say the hubs and I momentarily freaked out a little and looked up information on fevers online and were relieved to discover that they were still within a safe range. whew. Thankfully (for the sake of the new baby) I never caught their fevers, just a little congestion and sore throat. I am so very thankful for that! My big girls are finally well enough to go back to school - they were so happy to not miss Valentines Day at school - but Katie-Abigail was up from 1am to 5am crying with an ear ache, I'm going to give it a day and see if she is still feeling poorly before I take her to the Ped. and risk exposing her to whatever else is going around but I kept her home one more day. Even if she doesn't have a nasty ear infection I didn't want her going to school with only a couple hours of sleep.

Photo from last Summer

{three} Play dough - I have changed my opinion about it. As a new parent it used to drive me crazy. While I remember loving the home-made play dough that my mom would mix up for my sisters and me, I took issue with it as a parent myself. The colors got mixed up, the dough would get stuck in the carpet and occasionally it would get eaten. Maybe my perspective has changed because I don't have any toddlers around the house anymore (for now!) and don't have to worry about the play dough getting eaten anymore but I am so in love with this stuff. Grammy bought the kids a big pack with some play dough toys all in a handy re-usable box.




I keep it put up for a quiet day in, like today, and the kids will literally play with it for an hour, usually without too much fighting or an insane amount of mess.

Hmmmm.. now I need to find where I put my finger paints.

{four} Preggo update: This week the hubs felt the new baby move for the first time!! Very cool. This is one little jumping bean for sure and his/her movements are getting stronger day by day. I can feel this new little one moving around several times a day - it's pretty cool, even the fifth time around. Also I've hit the limits of what my jeans will contain. This weekend I had to resort to the rubber-band trick to wear my jeans. So... I finally broke down and bought my first maternity outfit for this pregnancy from Old and will be hitting up the local consignments shops later this week. The shops around here are pretty over-priced but we'll see. Maybe I'll be surprised.

{five} Our cable box has been acting up this week - making it really difficult to change channels so as I was scrolling through the channels trying to get from PBS (Chanel 3) to Sprout (Chanel 128 - yeah that took a while) I discovered Food Network! I am in love. Just watching it makes me feel happy and inspired.

{six} I wanted to make this a neat half-dozen so I'm giving you a number six, just because. ha!

Shadow Family

The weather was nice enough yesterday to take the kids to Savannah Rapids for a walk -  here are the hubs and I with Emma & Josiah (the other two were in the frame for a second but ran ahead as soon as I got my cell phone out to take a picture) I've got a bunch more photos on my phone that I'd love to share but I'm nervous about connecting my phone to my computer via USB since the last time I did that it totally messed up my wireless keyboard and Josiah lost my SD card reader... hmmm maybe I need to get the Flickr app for my phone.

Saturday POTD

Friday, February 11, 2011

Flashback Friday: The births of my kids

It's Flashback Friday!! I love participating in these :)

Below are photos from the births of my four children. When they were born I thought they looked so distinctively original but now as I'm looking back I notice how similar they are as well.

M4H-Frame Freebie b&e copy
Beth (born 2001) & Emma (born 2003)

M4H-Frame Freebie KA & J copy
Katie-Abigail (born 2005) & Josiah (born 2007)

Friday Favorites

Just in time for Valentines Day I just discovered a tutorial for crocheting these cute little hearts.

I can't wait for the pattern to this little beauty to be available!
I will definitely be purchasing one of her patterns for crocheting little beanie hats soon to practice for the new baby. I've only made afghans and scarves and can't wait to try something new. I'm sure I'll be calling my mom (who is an amazing crafter/seamstress)on a near-daily basis once I give this a try.

I am seriously loving this Maternity Top from Old
 (P.S. Maternity Tanks are on sale at ON online for just $6!)
I've recently discovered Haiku poetry and am fascinated by it's simplicity, plus it's just the right length for me these days! Every Haiku poem is just three lines long - I think it's brilliant. I'm thinking about buying this book of Haiku poems for the new baby.

Speaking of things for the new baby - this is the CD I'll be listening to when the new baby comes. It's one of my favorite lullaby albums ever. I also really like Blue on Blue - most of the songs were inspired by her newborn son!

Happy Friday!! :)

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