Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baby names

The more I can feel the New Baby moving around inside of me the more I've been thinking about names for this baby. The hubs is pretty much waiting until after the ultrasound to have a major baby-name discussion but I've been thinking about it - a lot.

Favorite name for a boy:

Eli - it is still my favorite name, even though I started liking it because of a TV show.  I've looked around on some of the baby naming sites and every time I see the name Eli it makes me happy. I have NO solid ideas for a middle name for Eli - I think Eli David is beautiful (though maybe too Jewish) and I also like Eli Hosea but I'd really like to have a non-biblical name option just in case. I like the idea of naming him Elliot (like after the poet T.S. Elliot) but calling him Eli for short - we'll see - I got raised eyebrows when I mentioned it to Daniel.

Favorite name for a girl:

Jane - I just can't get it out of my head. I had picked that name for Josiah if he'd been a girl. I had actually wanted to name him Jane Adelaide if he had been a girl - no one that I've mentioned it to has liked that name so I'm not bringing it out again this time around (Adelaide is my grandmother's middle name). So now I have no idea what middle name goes with Jane (or Jayne) so this may end up being a middle name. For example - Layla Jayne sounds wonderful to me. Still thinking...

What do you think? What would a good middle name be for either of these names?


  1. Oooh I love Jane! I would totally go with Jane for a first name, so pretty!

  2. Baby much fun! (but so stressful at the same time...). An alternative to Elliot could be Elias (e-LIE-as in in Swedish), a really popular boy's name around here in Finland.

    Girl's names are so hard... 'course, you could do something similar to Eli with a girl; Elli, for example; Elinor Jane sounds kinda nice...

  3. I love both names!I can't think of a middle name for Eli, but if something pops in my head I'll be sure to share it!

  4. LOL. I posted a sidewalk chalk pic of our driveway the other day too. Since we could finally see it again. Now ,it's getting covered with snow again. Have fun with the baby names!

  5. names are so much fun to think about! although it was difficult for us because we have such different tastes. I can not wait to know what name your have picked for this little one!

  6. I know lots of little girl Jane's being born lately. Definitely a good choice.

  7. I love Jayne with a Y. You know I love Y's in names. What about Jayne Olivia?

  8. Okay I like Eli :-) and Elliot. Jane would need a "different" type of middle name (I am into different names :-> )
    Heres a few to ponder anyway :-)
    Iddan (boy or girl) proncounced with an e not i
    I love Caleb - Eli Caleb??
    Kiah Jane?
    Evie Jane (sorry it is just working better with me for a second name)