Monday, February 14, 2011

Misc Monday: Happy {Heart} Day

DSC_6841 copy
(craft made by Emma)

{one}: Happy Valentines Day! This morning as I headed out to take my girls to school I found a little bag of sweetheart candies on our door step with a note that said "To My Valentine, From Guess Who" and there was one little bag for each of the kids. Do I have the greatest neighbor or what?!

{two} This past week all four of my kiddos were sick with what I'm assuming is some sort of nasty virus. They had temperatures ranging from 103.7 - 104.4, needless to say the hubs and I momentarily freaked out a little and looked up information on fevers online and were relieved to discover that they were still within a safe range. whew. Thankfully (for the sake of the new baby) I never caught their fevers, just a little congestion and sore throat. I am so very thankful for that! My big girls are finally well enough to go back to school - they were so happy to not miss Valentines Day at school - but Katie-Abigail was up from 1am to 5am crying with an ear ache, I'm going to give it a day and see if she is still feeling poorly before I take her to the Ped. and risk exposing her to whatever else is going around but I kept her home one more day. Even if she doesn't have a nasty ear infection I didn't want her going to school with only a couple hours of sleep.

Photo from last Summer

{three} Play dough - I have changed my opinion about it. As a new parent it used to drive me crazy. While I remember loving the home-made play dough that my mom would mix up for my sisters and me, I took issue with it as a parent myself. The colors got mixed up, the dough would get stuck in the carpet and occasionally it would get eaten. Maybe my perspective has changed because I don't have any toddlers around the house anymore (for now!) and don't have to worry about the play dough getting eaten anymore but I am so in love with this stuff. Grammy bought the kids a big pack with some play dough toys all in a handy re-usable box.




I keep it put up for a quiet day in, like today, and the kids will literally play with it for an hour, usually without too much fighting or an insane amount of mess.

Hmmmm.. now I need to find where I put my finger paints.

{four} Preggo update: This week the hubs felt the new baby move for the first time!! Very cool. This is one little jumping bean for sure and his/her movements are getting stronger day by day. I can feel this new little one moving around several times a day - it's pretty cool, even the fifth time around. Also I've hit the limits of what my jeans will contain. This weekend I had to resort to the rubber-band trick to wear my jeans. So... I finally broke down and bought my first maternity outfit for this pregnancy from Old and will be hitting up the local consignments shops later this week. The shops around here are pretty over-priced but we'll see. Maybe I'll be surprised.

{five} Our cable box has been acting up this week - making it really difficult to change channels so as I was scrolling through the channels trying to get from PBS (Chanel 3) to Sprout (Chanel 128 - yeah that took a while) I discovered Food Network! I am in love. Just watching it makes me feel happy and inspired.

{six} I wanted to make this a neat half-dozen so I'm giving you a number six, just because. ha!

Shadow Family

The weather was nice enough yesterday to take the kids to Savannah Rapids for a walk -  here are the hubs and I with Emma & Josiah (the other two were in the frame for a second but ran ahead as soon as I got my cell phone out to take a picture) I've got a bunch more photos on my phone that I'd love to share but I'm nervous about connecting my phone to my computer via USB since the last time I did that it totally messed up my wireless keyboard and Josiah lost my SD card reader... hmmm maybe I need to get the Flickr app for my phone.

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  1. thank you for your comment over at my blog :) your little ones are adorable! happy valentine's day to you & yours!

  2. Stopping by from MM and so enjoyed the visit. What precious children and another one on the way. Good for you!

    Valentine Blessings to you!

  3. You have such beautiful children. And, congratulations on many more blessings to come sweetie. I'm sorry to hear about the illnesses. Dang, it must be a weather bug. I'm having allergies. Well, what I thought were allergies now has developed into something strange!

  4. beautiful children and what a great smile :)

  5. Faithie,
    could not see the shadow family, was there a photo?

  6. oh my goodness! i have been there! the rubber band trick!! ahhhhhh

  7. Love your blog, i just found it! I'm pregnant too! 14 weeks! ;)

    Ps, I have a jewelry give a way on my blog. you should go check it out!