Sunday, March 13, 2011

My week in cell phone pics

We had SUCH a good weekend!! We took the kids to the Greenway this weekend - the hubs took this pic of us. SO glad I have this photo of our happy moment :)

Grocery Shopping

Chocolate Peanut Butter Bugles - BEST snacks I've bought all year!

He is such a good napper!

Often I have to get Josiah up from his nap to pick up his sisters and he'll fall asleep in the car

Taking advantage of some quiet time in the van

You don't have to have a great camera to take a really nice picture!!

Time for homework and a cup of decaf coffee

Time to take the puppy to the groomer!

Muffin Bread & Cranberry Jam

Could this guy be any cuter?

Waiting in carpool

Katie-Abigail and our freshly groomed dog :)

Finding spring weeds in the yard!


Gotta love construction - we get to watch this every day! I can't wait until it's done.

On the way to school!

Running on empty!

It's a boy!


  1. oh my the bugels are all I can think about! hoping my Kroger has them... fingers crossed.

  2. Hi Faith! New follower here. I love both your blogs and can't wait to read more! Your photography is inspiring and so is your faith!

  3. I want to know more about muffin bread! Cute family:)

  4. such lovely pictures capturing some sweet memories! your kiddos are so cute! and so is their mama!