Saturday, August 20, 2011

The secret of happiness

If you follow my other blog you may have read some of my thoughts about the book I've been reading called "one thousand gifts" by Ann Voskamp it's a very good read hands down the best I've read this year. In that book she writes about gratitude and I can honestly say that it has changed my life... or at least it's begining to.

So here you go - the secret of happiness is contentment.

I know, I know, that's like saying "the secret to being skinny is loosing weight" both are difficult to attain. Contentment is difficult even to thoroughly wrap your mind around, but don't worry that's not all.

The secret of contentmentnis gratitude.

Ahhh, there. That is better. Gratitude I understand. Gratitude I can wrap my mind around.

Gratitude. Hmmmm well, okay I can be grateful but how do I exercise gratefulness so that it produces happiness?

Constant thankfulness.

It goes like this:
I am thankful that I have this house to live in. 
I remember the people all around the world who don't have a place to live 
I remember that those people are often as nearby as downtown.
I am thankful for this moment of peace, to just sit and read and write and think.
I am thankful for this job, and I remember all of the people in the unemployment line who have been laid off and can't find work.

And it moves on to...
I am thankful for these dishes to wash and for the food that I was able to feed my family today.
I am thankful for this diaper that I have to change and that I am healthy enough to care for my baby.
I am thankful for this moment of helping my child learn good behavior. 
I am thankful that of all of the women in the world who are desperate to have a child I have this one 
and of all the children desperately needing a mother this child has me.
I am thankful for this argument with my husband - that we care enough about each other to talk to each other instead of giving up and giving in to silence...

but it is also...

I am thankful for:
baby smiles
blue skies and sunshine
sleeping in
a message from a friend
weeding plant beds...

That is my secret of happiness.

I have learned what it means to be content. 

I have learned that I can be happy even when life is just...


and not the best day ever.


  1. wow. I needed to read this today. Thank you for sharing. Gonna start practicing this - I want my children to grow up living a contented life and being grateful for what we have, in both bounty and times when it's sorta tough. I want them to see it and learn it from me... because what an amazing way to learn to see life. Sorry for waxing poetic on your post, you touched me. :) Thank you.

  2. thanks for stopping by...i've been told by a couple people about those books. i really need to get them! enjoyed looking around your blog.

  3. Awe this is lovely. I think gratitude is so important and more often than not people take things for granted and get frustrated when they don't have what they want! Life is great and we should for the beauty in all of it :)


  4. Thanks for stopping by! I JUST finished this book, and it was life changing. BTW...your children are gorgeous!!